Legal Practitioner
Question:  To what extent has the award impacted your life.
Answer: ASMAF made a great impact in my life and I can boldly say that the Foundation contributed in a very large percentage of what I am today. The scholarship came at the point when I was financially handicapped and it seemed the only viable option was to drop out of school or alternatively to differ my admission. As a self-sponsored student, I struggled through my first year in the university with the little savings made before my admission which barely saw me through that 100 level. I practically had nothing including textbooks. The scholarship marked the beginning of my success story today.
Question:  What is your general appraisal of ASMAF?
Answer:  Sincerely speaking, ASMAF has done greatly well in all ramification. The foundation is ten (10) years today and can boast of about ten graduates from various discipline, ranging from Medical doctors, Engineers, Accountants and a lawyer. This is a lofty achievement just in ten years of existence.

Question:  Would you propose an Alumni for ASMAF graduates- if so, what should be their continuous role for the development of the programme.?

Honestly, it is a fantastic idea to have an Alumni Forum where we can relate to ourselves. This will help us to keep in touch. With this we can play mentorship role to the new or incoming awardees, I believe also that in the nearest future we will become a force and lend a voice towards the progress of the foundation.

Question:What is your message for the founder of ASMAF as she marks 80 years?

Answer: To the founder of ASMAF, Professor (Mrs.) Majekodunmi, she is a quintessential role model. I cannot appreciate her enough because words may not qualify my good wishes to her but all I can say is May eternity be your portion ma.



Question:  To what extent has the award impacted your life.

Answer: Ajesola Solarin Majekodunmi Foundation (ASMAF) scholarship award has impacted my life to a great extent. Facing financial difficulties in my institution of learning affected me negatively. Life was unbearable for me and I started nurturing the idea of dropping out. ASMAF award was an answered prayer for me. The award came to my rescue. My academic and financial life skyrocketed. My worries were reduced to the barest minimum and I am forever grateful to the foundation.

Question: What do you think the government is not doing right towards the education of the girl-child in the country?

Answer: Free education is no longer free and the necessary expenses required by the institution are high. An indigent male-childcan easily engage in menial jobs to meet the deadline(s) but for the female-child, there are a lot of hurdles attached which make it difficult to secure a menial job to pay for the compulsory school expenses. Some of these hurdles are sex for money, perception as the weaker gender and many more.

Question: What is your general appraisal of ASMAF?


ASMAF has taken a courageous step to save the female-child from being victims of circumstances. This feat serves as encouragement and a source of hope to the indigent female students in tertiary institutions. ASMAF has done remarkably well in choosing this path.

Question: What is your message for the founder of ASMAF as she marks 80 years?

Answer: Our father in heaven has given you this precious gift of life and even endowed you more with long life. You are an icon whom the Lord has used to bless generations. I am glad that I am one of the many your name will continue to be on my lips. Mummy Majekodunmi, I am proud of who you are and who you have been. I honour and celebrate you as you mark your eightieth birthday. Live longer and continue to live in prosperity. Happy birthday, Mummy.


Professor Majekodunmi Is A Mother Of Many Generations
Mary Olopade

My name is OLOPADE, Pamilerin Mary, a final year student of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan and a beneficiary of the Ajesola Solarin Majekodunmi Foundation.

The award has impacted my life in diverse ways, academically, financially, emotionally, leadership trainings, connection, meeting new people and mentally. I have been benefitting from this great initiative for a long time and I am sincerely grateful.

Actually I started thinking about the continuity of the foundation sometimes ago, I thought about the fact that it is non government, non profit organization and so sponsorship might not be that easy, I intend paying back tremendously so as help other young girls. Because looking back, I remembered when I was first helped by the foundation, it was so timely and helpful, maybe I would have dopped out, so I would like to be a sponsor and I will try to tell other people that can help to donate trusting God for grace.

My message for mummy is that you have impacted a lot of lives, many destinies have been reshaped through the foundation. On behalf of everyone of us that have been a beneficiary of this great foundation, we appreciate you ma, we promise to make you proud. Your latter end will surely increase and the Lord will give you strength according to your age Ma

Thank you so much, we love you, we celebrate you ma mother of many generations.